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Are you any good at it?

They say patience is a virtue. And surely it must be. Waiting is not that easy. Ever been in a really slow bank or sat in a car waiting to pick up a friend or relative? Actually have you ever felt a crisis coming on if a webpage took more than a second to load? And that’s the easy kind of waiting. Try waiting for the right person to come into your life or waiting for your career to align with your purpose. Now you’re talking about patience that requires endurance. I read a quote from Joyce Meyer that said “Patience is not an ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Got you thinking, right? So, when it comes to patience, are you any good at it?

I love a good meme. I saw one the other day of a man in a business suit, kneeling and praying “Lord, please give me the patience…cause if you give me the strength…I’ll also need a new identity and a one way ticket to a non-extraditing country.” Yes, you get the joke that often without patience we can erupt and say and do things we surely may regret.

I think being patient and keeping a good attitude while at it may be a tad easier if we consider how others have been patient with us and those we love. If you’re a mother, imagine the teacher of your child losing her patience if your child just doesn’t understand the lesson being taught. You’d want that teacher, to show compassion and patience with your son or daughter rather than the opposite.

I could go on with simple everyday examples such as a store salesperson politely assisting you even as you change your mind on your purchase for the seventeenth time to deeper ones such as a spouse sticking by a husband or wife with an addiction problem. Remembering how others have been patient with us should inspire us to pay it forward. It’s also more like paying ourselves, when we learn to be patient with others it builds character that allows us to be patient with ourselves.

Being patient does not equate to waiting around in senseless situations, rather it’s about allowing the discipline that it requires bring you the peace that may elude you on an everyday basis.

Today, have a little patience!

Written by Jenevie Phillip – She is a science and management graduate with research interests in cancer.