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How ‘bout some peace.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer.

That sentence may be a glass half filled for some and a glass half empty for others. Some may see it as a statement telling you “Hey it’s ok to settle” and some may see it as a hall pass encouraging you to live the life you imagined.

I’m happy to say that when I first read that quote I smiled because it brought lots of positivity my way – the glass was half full!

I believe that Dr. Dyer’s quote is simply saying that when you can stop struggling, judging, fearing and wandering throughout your everyday life you can be at peace. You can be at peace knowing that where you were before doesn’t dictate where you will be in the future and neither does your situation today predict with testifiable certainty your situation tomorrow.

Appreciating being in a place of ‘in between’ isn’t easy. It requires work. Out of a job with no positive leads as you continue to search? In a job and wondering how long before you implode? In a relationship that’s going nowhere fast? Dating yourself for so long that you have couple’s talk with yourself? Whatever is your meantime situation, staying positive doesn’t always come naturally. Processing life as it is can help though.

When you process life as it is you appreciate everything that’s good, you see the breakthroughs you have made, the progress you’ve accomplished however small. Processing life as it is means not thinking about what it would be like to walk in another person’s shoes and then decide that someone robbed you of those very shoes. It’s realising that you get to do the best you can do in the very moment and if you fail you get to try again in the very next. You hold on to your goals, work towards them all the while blessing the life you have instead of cursing it. I know. Everyday isn’t a peachy day. Some days you may be a selfish quagmire. Forgive yourself if you are. Push on in being thankful anyway! But, the next time you start to think about how crappy things are for you, start subtracting things you take for granted. Literally take them out of your life….food that you eat from your parent’s kitchen, your eyesight that allows you to see all that isn’t perfect, a mobile phone that you use to complain, family and friends who drive you nuts sometimes. Immediately you want those things back.

Everyday may not be a peachy day but today how about being your own cheer team.

Today appreciate all that is good in your life and recognise that that which is bad doesn’t define you. Smile at yourself today, you’re awesome because you are you.

Keep Accomplishing!

Written by Jenevie Phillip – She is a science and management graduate with research interests in cancer.