Mandy Aftel – Mixing essences, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

We are speaking with someone who has carved an artistic niche into a business that, according Global Industry Analysts Inc., will cross $33 billion US dollars by Two thousand 15. It is an industry dominated with fewer than ten corporate players, each with huge marketing budgets and worldwide reach.

Mandy Aftel, the owner and creator of Aftelier perfumes has side stepped the corporate juggernauts and has played a major role in recreating and revitalizing an art form which is over 4,000 thousand years old.

As an authority on natural essences and custom perfumes, she has participated in panels for the perfume industry under the auspices of the Fragrance Foundation and in addition to her work as a perfumer, She is the author of six books. I had the pleasure of meeting Mandy last June as a student in one of her classes on blending natural perfumes.

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