Susan Oguya talks about M-Farm from Kenya’s Silicon Savannah

Meet Susan Oguya, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder from the team of M-Farm from Silicon Savannah.
M-Farm is an award-winning software and agribusiness company. Its major product is an SMS based service that connects Kenyan farmers to the global market prices of their crops, using their cell phones. No big deal, you think?

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Before M-Farm, wholesale buyers were exploiting the farmers’ lack of information and paying a fraction on the price. Now with the cell phone, a farmer in his field in Kenya has access to life changing information.

This is a perfect manifestation of Peter Diamandis’s quote from his book- Abundance: “Right now, a Masai warrior on a mobile phone in the middle of Kenya has better mobile communications than the president did 25 years ago. If he’s on a smart phone using Google, he has access to more information than the U.S. president did just 15 years ago. If present growth rates continue, by the end of 2013, more than 70% of humanity will have access to instantaneous, low-cost communications and information.”

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