Lighting the world one plastic bottle at a time – with Illac Diaz

We chatted with Illac Diaz, founder and Executive Director of MyShelter Foundation, one of the top young social entrepreneurs in the world. He and his team are changing the lives of people in over ten countries in the poorest areas through one of their projects called “one liter of light” a sustainable lighting project using nothing more than a simple plastic bottle, a great idea turn into action.

He is creating jobs using local materials and the incredible power of sharing information.

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For more information on 1 liter of light and how it has improved the life of others around the world please visit website
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Island Cycle – Unlocking the Potential of Recycling within Jamaica and the Caribbean

Meet a fantastic duo – Leanne Talbot & Xavier Bedasee of Island Cycle, a startup based in Jamaica, who are undertaking a huge challenge of changing the status quo in recycling through educating the young and the old alike. They were selected to participate in the “Entrepreneur Development Programme 2011 ” hosted by the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean.

Island Cycle is having a direct impact on the waste stream in Jamaica and potentially the rest of the Caribbean.

Prefer audio? Great! Listen to the MP3 format.